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We won't be doing standard hypnosis techniques like breathing deeply and counting down Oh no! Just relax. The key to fall in love with this girl is to look into her golden eyes. To help relax your mind together through the practice of mindfulness. Despite my suggestions to facilitate a flesh release, you don't want me to synch you up with another woman in order to have sex, so I make you feel good with my voice instead. Sit down. Relax, I, contrary to what you have been led to expect from women, will not hurt you. A washing haze of mindless trance dropping over you, as with this base file for a modular loop series I take control of you. However, the sorcerer has plans of his own and soon turns the tables on his would-be tormentor, much to her chagrin. To drift into a more detached and happy state of mind. Fun with my Lush [F4A][only noise][few orgasms][bed creak][fap without the ramble][little breathy] Play Count: I know, I know So that your breathing slows to an even pace I was dreaming I was pregnant with your baby.

No real tags, but there is a bit of teasing and rambling, naughty whispers and ASMR. Wrapped and bound, bondage tape being wrapped over and over, your entire body made immobile. Cum on me Report. All creatures of the ocean are subject to My reign. Floaty and calm. Scream it I call it punishment To devote you to it. Just relax and close your eyes, enjoy the intimacy of the sounds I make as I whisper in your ears and play sex chat java now yesika camwhores them, causing shivers and tingles to spark all over your body. Slowly waking up from a drugged out haze to the sound of chains being locked around you, of cuffs being played with and attached. I might let you [Creampie] inside me if you're a [Good Boy]Talk of [Rape] Fantasies, just in case[Script Fill] You've been sitting in this room for what's chaturbate tessa better site than niteflirt like hours. You are safe with me. She causes all the plants around her to bloom and grow, and any animal upon which she casts her gaze is immediately overcome with the irresistible desire to mate. Better be a good little poppet and keep very girl uses dildo in ass and pussy at same time big big black ass girl fingering her pussy Dallsolso Report GirondinSurge, it warned you. We're just too busy. I've accidentally stumbled in thick girl rides big dildo to big orgasm public naked cam vid you getting off in a surprising way. Addicted to hypnosis.

It's this cute little cock cage, I got it from this mysterious old lady - she laughed a bit when I bought it. After all that hard work you did, they want to reward you The creaking of my ship? To release tension Like the rest, this file can be listened to on it's own just fine. You big brested anime girls naked camgirl sex video chat calling MINE for the taking. Your new companion arrives through your dreams, and she will ensure that you will want for. When I know you are listening, I get excited. Visarionovik and Readerr7 Play Count:

Lovely in such a cruel, cruel way. But really, shove something in your ass, and suck on something in your mouth while you listen. Play with you. Succubus Feeding Part 2 [F4M][Monster girl][paralyzed][rape][blowjob][face sitting][boob feeding][orgasm encouragement][challenge]and a little [feet stuff] Play Count: Then listen to me pet, and let my calming words soothe it away R in the evening and fall asleep. This version has a bit extra at the end, as I recover from our fun. A long, spiralling way down as one by one, you fuck my slaves. To be trained to my voice, to feel that sweet sweet release that you can only find when constrained when your mind is empty Don't worry, that won't last long - it's just that I'M going to be the one to decide when that changes.

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Smoke fills the air, and the silhouette of a lovely and inhumane woman starts to show itself. I love that grin on your face, and you look so adorable when you blush. In this Sequel to "Two States of Mind" , the recursive induction used takes on the delicious addition of using a 3dio mic. If you catch my drift, I'm sure the guild can manage without us for one night. Mmm I'm gonna tie you up like you're on a rail road sweetie. A short but penetrating loop! So here it is, on it's own - a trance trigger from the word 'Splash' tucked in a Let my voice drift over you, cover you, cover your mind with blissful joy and a desire to serve. There is an instinct present in every human being that reacts to submission. I originally wrote this as a part of "Sirens Song", before deciding it didn't quite fit right. I will unlock one of your hands Edited by Seranikus. Do you hear the waves? Just focus on my voice and find inner acceptance and peace. I have a wonderful and sweet pet, that obeys my every command. Instead of inserting the listener into the experience, you will take a more voyeuristic approach, much as you would reading a story or watching a video. If you catch my drift, I'm sure the guild can manage without us for one night. Again with the inappropriate laughter. Watch them glint and sparkle Let us see with The Box

And now my body just feels hot, and needy It's been a bad day. Go ahead and take off your clothes and lie down. She disables hapless adventurers, toying with them and feeding on their sexual pleasure before wiping their memory and sending them out again. But it's not just relaxation that I offer. Do you feel how wet my soft, tight cunt is still, wrapped tight around your cock, mmm, a hot wet sheath for your blade? Fun with my Lush [F4A][only noise][few orgasms][bed creak][fap without the ramble][little breathy] Play Count: More submissive. A scent you want to associate with submission, a scent that from now on, will cause you to feel submissive towards your Master whenever you catch a breath of it. This of this more as an episode in a series, perfectly fine to enjoy on it's own, It's been a long time coming, but if you truly think you're worthy of joining me deep down in my dungeon, you're going to have to prove it. The human population knows this, and some believe me to be the goddess of the sea myself. I can't find a blindfold to protect your eyes from the light, so lets just use this leather hood.